Memory and Reconciliation in the Asia-Pacific

Hatoyama to Nanjing, Hu to Hiroshima? Dokdo/Takeshima Tensions Flare Over Japanese Teaching Guidelines. Japan Offers 99 Yen to Korean Forced Laborers.
January 6, 2010, 1:35 pm
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Japanese PM Hatoyama to Nanjing, Chinese President Hu to Hiroshima?

The Prime Minister to Nanjing, President Hu to Hiroshima…China Makes a Proposal (Shusho ga Nankin e, Ko Shuseki ha Hiroshime e…Chugoku Dashin), The Yomiuri Online [In Japanese], January 6, 2010.

The Korea Research Center Releases Survey Results on Korea-Japan Relations

Majority of Koreans OK with Japanese Emperor’s Visit, The Dong-A Ilbo, January 1, 2010.

Japan Releases Teachers’ Guideline for History and Geography

New Guidance Fans Isle Row, The Japan Times, December 26, 2009.

Seoul Hits Tokyo’s New Dokdo Stance, JoongAng Ilbo, December 26, 2009.

New High School Geography Curriculum Supplement Avoids Takeshima Dispute, Mainichi Shimbun, December 25, 2009.

S. Korea Raps Japan’s New Education Handbook on Dokdo, Yonhap News, December 25, 2009.

After 65-years, Korean Forced Laborers Receive 99 Yen from the Japanese Social Insurance Agency

Japan Offers $1.08 to the Laborers it Conscripted, JoongAng Ilbo, December 26, 2009.

Pathetic Compensation, The Dong-A Ilbo, December 25, 2009.

Japan Offers 99 Yen in Lieu of an Apology to Conscripted Laborers in South Korea, The Hankyoreh, December 24, 2009.

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