Memory and Reconciliation in the Asia-Pacific

Weekly Update – Aug. 15
September 24, 2008, 10:27 pm
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Japan marks anniversary of defeat in WWII, Xinhua, August 15, 2008

[Editorial] The Road Ahead for Korea, Dong-A Ilbo, August 15, 2008

Lee Declares Vision of ‘Unified, Green’ Korea, Korea Times, August 15

Lee unveils “green growth” plan as SKorea marks anniversary, AFP, August 14, 2008

Japan PM voices remorse for WWII on surrender date, August 14, 2008

Japan nationalism fades as economic woes dominate , Turkish Daily News, August 15, 2008

Controversy over Foundation Day grows as events get underway, Hankyoreh, August 14, 2008

S Korean lawmakers appeals for establishment of “Dokdo Day” over disputed islets , Xinhua, August 14, 2008

On August 15, The Korea Times, August 14, 2008

Kim Calls for ‘Diplomacy of Balance’, The Korea Times, August 14, 2008

Korea Setting Shining Example for Other Nations, The Korea Times, August 14, 2008

Overtaking Impregnable Japan , Chosun Ilbo, August 13, 2008

Japan issues stamps to mark anniversary of Japan-China peace, friendship treaty, Xinhua, August 12, 2008

China-Japan amity does not easily come by, People’s Daily Online, August 12, 2008

Stars Share Patriotism Through Various Channels , The Korea Times, August 12, 2008

Cheering for an Old Enemy, Wall Street Journal, August 11, 2008

The Path of the Republic, by Kim Dae-joong, Chosun Ilbo, August 11, 2008

Row Over Reef, The Korea Times, August 10, 2008

For Many Expatriates, Olympics Signal China’s Arrival , New York Times, August 10, 2008

China wary of a ‘normal’ Japan, Asia Times Online, August 7, 2008

S.Korea to build solar power unit on Dokdo-Yonhap, Reuters, August 6, 2008

Bush chides China, NKorea on rights records, AFP, August 5, 2008

We Can Learn From the Way Russia Deals with Japan, Chosun Ilbo, August 5, 2008

[Editorial] The fight for ‘Liberation Day’, Hankyoreh, August 5, 2008

Hu to Have Summit Talks at Olympics, KBS, August 4, 2008

Many Foreign Books Misrepresent Korea, The Korea Times, August 3, 20o8

S.Korea may boost energy efforts in disputed area, Reuters, August 1, 2008

Future of Dokdo, The Korea Times, July 31, 2008

History Backs Korea’s Dokdo Sovereignty, The Korea Times, July 31, 2008

Interview of the President by Jei Choon Yun, KBS TV, Korea, The White House, July 30, 2008


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