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70 Years from the Nanjing Massacre
December 16, 2007, 7:27 pm
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China publishes historical series on Nanjing Massacre, China View, Dec. 3, 2007

Series on massacre published, China Daily, Dec. 4, 2007

Propaganda war is declared in cinemas over Nanking massacre, The Independent, Dec. 5, 2007

Rush of Nanking massacre films alarms Japanese, Times Online, Dec. 6, 2007

The Big Question: Why is tension rising between China and Japan over the ‘Rape of Nanjing’?, The Independent, Dec. 6, 2007

FM spokesman: Proper settlement of sensitive issues most important to furthering China-Japan ties, China View, Dec. 6, 2007

Look Back in Anger. Filming the Nanjing Massacre, Japan Focus, Dec. 6, 2007

Nanjing Incident merits deeper discussion, study, Daily Yomiuri, Dec. 11, 2007

Desire for better ties with Tokyo tempers Chinese commemorations of ‘Nanking Massacre’, International Herald Tribune, Dec. 12, 2007

Fortifying a Tragic Page of History, The New York Sun, Dec. 12, 2007

Giving Testimony on the Horror That Was Nanking, The New York Times, Dec. 12, 2007

China Remembers ‘Nanking Massacre’, The Associated Press, Dec. 13, 2007

Remember Nanjing for sake of peace, China Daily, Dec. 13, 2007

Chilling message from US envoy foretold Nanjing Massacre, China Daily, Dec. 13, 2007

Lin reveals bodies of evidence, China Daily, Dec. 13, 2007

Trailing a massacre, China Daily, Dec. 13, 2007

Nanjing massacre wounds still deep, The Manila Times, Dec. 13, 2007

China reiterates “taking history as a mirror” as it mourns Nanjing victims, China View, Dec. 13, 2007

China mourns for victims of Nanjing Massacre, wishes for eternal peace, China View, Dec. 13, 2007

Reevaluating the Rape of Nanjing, Time, Dec. 13, 2007

To open up into future via commemorative activities, People’s Daily Online, Dec. 13, 2007

China looks ahead on 70th anniversary of Nanjing Massacre, Agence France Presse, Dec. 13, 2007

China Marks Nanjing Tragedy, Moscow News, Dec. 13, 2007

Exhaustive research reveals scale of destruction, China Daily, Dec. 13, 2007

Darkest hour in the spotlight, China Daily, Dec. 13, 2007

Stage becomes an outlet to express Japan’s shame, China Daily, Dec. 13, 2007

Nanjing Massacre certitude: Toll will elude, The Japan Times, Dec. 13, 2007

In Japan, denial over Nanjing still holds sway after 70 years, Christian Science Monitor, Dec. 14, 2007

Nanjing Massacre marked, China View, Dec. 14, 2007

China commemorates Nanjing Massacre with quiet nod, Christian Science Monitor, Dec. 14, 2007

China softens tone on Japan’s war crimes, Financial Times, Dec. 14, 2007

Japanese filmmaker says “Nanjing never happened”, Reuters UK, Dec. 14, 2007

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